Our fees are fixed in a standard way, either at a flat rate or at an hourly rate, as soon as the file or the case is opened. The fees are indicated in the commitment letter, in agreement with the client. A performance fee is legally permitted only if it is partially earnings and if it is added to a flat fee. The amount and percentage of the performance fee (declining per bands) will be discussed with the client if the parties have chosen this formula and as far as we propose it.

Our fees are set taking into account the specificity of the case, the subject matter, the possible urgency, deadlines, emergencies created voluntarily, the complexity of the file/case, the experience of the attorney-at-law in charge etc.

Hourly rates are reviewed periodically. The rates indicated initially, at the opening of the file/case, are subject to modification. The new rates are communicated to the client for approval before application.

We try, as far as possible, to provide an estimate of the fees without being bound by any obligation to have this estimate transformed into a limit.

In addition to the fees, we charge an administrative fee (generally according to a fixed price determined by mutual agreement with the client) and the external costs advanced for the client are invoiced to him/her in disbursements/outlays.

Our fees are subject to VAT of 21% (except exemptions or particularities discussed when opening the file with the client).

Disbursements/outlays are not subject to an additional VAT of 21%. However, it cannot be exempted from VAT unless the invoice is issued on the name of the client and to this end, all billing details have been sent by the client to the firm. Failing this, these will be accounted for as additional charges, subject to VAT. If not possible, we have to add VAT to the invoiced costs. However, we strive to avoid VAT-exempt disbursements/outlays to be billed with VAT.

Our fees are payable in cash. Any amount not paid when the invoice is issued will automatically trigger interest at the rate of 8% per year.

In addition, we preserve our right to suspend any service following the non-payment of our invoices or retainers. We will inform the client in advance, through the communication channel used in the processing of the file entrusted to the firm. In case of absence of any reaction within 15 days from the billing date, we will be entitled to terminate the contract.

In case of intervention of a third party for the payment of our invoices, the client remains severally responsible for the payment and authorizes the firm to communicate directly with the third party for this purpose.

The conditions will be the same for any other file later entrusted by the client if no new condition is agreed upon.