1. Services provided:
    Any task entrusted by a client to the firm is done according to the terms of the mandate. During the processing of a file, it is possible that the scope of the legal tasks required is adapted as it is possible for an attorney-at-law, other than the partner in charge of the file, to join the processing of the file. We offer a service focused on the pragmatic, logical and efficient nature of the solution to consider. At each stage of the file processing, we communicate with the client to meet his/her expectations. We strive to respond as quickly as possible to any request, taking into account emergencies that may require prior treatment. We respect the procedural deadlines as long as the client has sent us all the information and documents in due time (the firm shall not be considered responsible for any delay in the transmission of documents which may imply a fee increase due to the urgency generated (except for very short legal deadlines).
  1. External assistance and collaborative network:
    We strive to provide efficient and quality service in matters that are preferential to us. If, however, a subject appears to exceed our competence or jurisdiction, we will discuss it with the client who will be able to refer to one of our collaborators or to an external attorney-at-law. This provides a guarantee for the client to receive efficient and quality advice in all circumstances.
  1. Responsibility:
    The attorney-at-law in charge of the file (dominus litis) is responsible for the processing of the file and therefore may be considered contractually or extra-contractually liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses incurred by the client, by his/her fault except in case of fraud or force majeure. We are covered by professional insurance. However, compensation may not amount more than five times the fees received. The client shall never be able to invoke his/her (fraudulent) acts or negligence, omissions, false or incomplete declarations or illegal acts that he/she personally committed (or managers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors and attendants).
  1. Communication with the client:
    The firm promotes the use of electronic means of communication. Nevertheless, during the first contacts, the client can express his/her will to use other means of communication. Depending on the choice of the communication channel, the firm preserves its right to charge additional cost. In addition, the firm cannot be held responsible for any delay related to the chosen means of communication. We guarantee the confidentiality of the client’s identity and the nature of the dispute provided that this information is not of common knowledge. However, any disclosure of information necessary for the processing of the file may be done to the attention of the internal collaborators, external collaborators or any other professional consulted in the process.Collaboration may end in the absence of good communication between the firm and the client.
  1. Money collected on the firm’s bank account:
    Any amount of money collected in the name and on behalf of a client is deposited on the third account of the attorney-at-law in charge of the file or of the association itself. This account is not interest-bearing and the amounts paid out are temporary.
  1. Intellectual property:
    Any writing from an attorney-at-law of LEXENTIA for the purposes of processing a file or handling a case may only be used for private (individual) purposes by the client with the express consent of the firm. We are entitled to use, copy or pass on any idea, development or document written for the purposes of processing the client’s file in order to handle other cases or to process other clients’ files subject to the principle of confidentiality.No liability of the firm may be engaged for any damages resulting from the use of documents in another form than the one transmitted by us to the client.
  1. Archiving:
    We keep our physical records for up to 5 years. Upon express request by the client and against payment of related fees, we may retain the records for a longer period.
  1. Fight against money laundering and terrorism:
    We must comply with money laundering and terrorism regulation so that we are required to identify our clients and be vigilant. Any suspicious action must be denounced by us to the President of our Bar association.We therefore preserve our right to suspend or cease any activity, with immediate warning, if any suspicion of money laundering or terrorist acts occurs.
  1. Disputes :
    Any dispute relating to the assignment entrusted by the client to the firm will be the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels and subject to Belgian law. A conciliation procedure may, if necessary, be organized before our Bar association.