The firm offers an expertise in European civil service law and staff regulation, particularly in the following areas:

  • Legal advice and assistance of its clients, contract agents, temporary or auxiliary staff, officials, both in pre-litigation phase:
    • Requests and complaints (Article 90 §1 and 2 of Staff Regulation),
    • IDOC hearings, OLAF, inter-service meetings, medical and disability committees,
    • Assistance of European trade unions,
    • EPSO selection,
    • Assessment reports, eligibility to promotions,
    • Renewal of contracts,
    • Evaluation of individual rights, pension rights,
    • Request for assistance and article 24 of the Staff Regulations,
    • Meeting with the various mediators and ombudsman of the European Institutions,
    • etc.
  • and litigation phase:
    • Request in cancellation (Article 91 of Staff Regulation) before the European civil Court and the European Court of Justice on appeal,
    • Claim for extra-contractual liability of the European Institutions,
    • Claim before the Ombudsman,
    • Appeal before the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labor Organization (ILOAT),
    • Defense and representation before the Disciplinary Council,
    • etc.
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Nathalie de MONTIGNY

Expert in international/EU civil service law and specialised in economic law